Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zombies are not my favorite.

Another fun fact about Seattle that you may not have known is that Seattle loves Zombies. No, I don't mean they love Zombies like they love their Sketchers (because we all know you only love your Sketchers when you don't have a Prada Backpack), they really love Zombies. This was a bit hard for me to understand, if you have to love something supernatural wouldn't you naturally choose Vampire, Witch or Werewolf. Think about it Vampires always have great fashion sense, always have money, and are well travelled. Witches are great problem solvers, and Werewolves are very athletic(yes they do have that excessive body hair problem but with the advancements in laser hair removal this shouldn't be as much of a problem). I couldn't see the fascination with a walking corpse; no sense of humor (Zombies can't speak), no regard for fashion or style (you always see Zombies wearing rags), and Zombies never die but literally continue to decay. Aging forever and wearing horrid apparel is my worst fear. However, I decided to see what Zombies had to offer.

This year I participated in the Zombie Walk - Red, White, and Dead 2011. The Zombie Walk is an event were seemingly normal people of sound mind come together to pretend to be Zombies, and walk around a neighborhood in an attempt to break a Guinness World record because apparently people do this in other cities. I dressed up because it was another opportunity to wear my tutu, and you should always find or create opportunities to wear a tutu. I've included my two favorite pictures because when it comes to being a Zombie these participants really got into character. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

C-H-I-C-K-E-N That's the way you spell (clap) Chicken.

If you didn't already know or you couldn't figure it out, Seattle loves chickens. Yep, you heard me, we love chickens. I'm sure everyone in the city has a friend or coworker who owns chickens. I have 2 friends that own chickens, and I've listed some reasons why you might consider owning chickens.

 Backyard chickens provide; fresher,  healthier, tastier eggs than factory farmed eggs. Backyard chickens also provide natural insect control, and the scratching for bugs and droppings are great for the soil. Can you say that about your house cat or lap dog?  Of course we can't forget chickens are fun and interesting, and the owners swear that each chicken has a unique personality.  As a child I loved collecting eggs from my Grandmother's chickens in North Carolina. I've included a song below that a childhood friend taught me way back in the day, and maybe you'll want backyard chickens.

Well C - that's the way it begins,
And H - that's the next letter in,
And I - that's the middle of the word,
And C - that you've already heard,
And K - that's the name of the hen,
And E - now we're nearing the N

That's the way you spell (clap) Chicken.