Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tenacatita, Mexico; and croquet with a resort theme.

On Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend I attended a Resort Theme party with a croquet tournament. I have always felt there was an alarming lack of croquet in the U.S. so I was very excited to attend this party. I went with an Hamptons/Italian look for my resort wear, but the party included everything from Cannes to the Jersey Shore, it was fantastic and everyone should give themselves a high five. Everyone was enjoying the food, games, blue grass band, and costume contest but this was no ordinary fete. Oh no, this fete wasn't simply beer and hot dogs *, no it was also a fundraiser for a town in Mexico called Tenacatita.

Tenacatita is a small town and bay a few hours south of Puerto Vallarta. This land of Tenacatita and bay was highly desirable, so desirable in fact that although the land was classified as Ejido (which is just another way of saying Farm Commune until 1992 and could not be converted to private property), hired guns stormed the small town and with bullets and tear gas pushed the farmers, fisherman, and yes expatriates, and tourists off the land. Now here is when things get a little dicey. Many locals of the Ejido and expatriates purchased lots after 2006 however, a wealthy business owner claims to have purchased the land in 1991 and obtained the beach concession in 1993. But, as previously stated, Ejido land was not available for private purchase before 1992, and even today there are rules and regulations and red tape. What this picturesque little village is left with is an estimated 600 displaced residents, a story that would have received limited coverage had a few Canadians and Americans not been involved, and a Government embarrassed by their "tainted Real Estate Industry".

*PNW factoid- no one in the Pacific Northwest consumes hot dogs unless they're organic, local and vegan.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

What?! The Upcoming Terror of a Share House.

We have had consecutive days of SUN, and if you are like me, you have been in a blissful haze. At least I was until I took the recycling out, and that is when I saw something that scared me.

What it is that now causes me to sleep with one eye open? It is a Hand Push Mower! That's right, no gas, no electric, just a razor reel and my own horse power. Now, since I live in a share house with 3 people I met randomly via a craigslist ad, I am expected to do yard work when our "Chore Wheel" dictates. For those that don't live in Seattle this is a very common practice so don't freak out.

Now that I have seen this and know what is lurking for me in the backyard, and what terrror awaits in a mere 2 weeks, I am having a hard time enjoying this weather. I know with every ray of sunshine and every sprinkle of rain, the grass grows and grows,  oh yes, how the grass grows and grows.

(shh...cue music from JAWS)

Monday, May 16, 2011

In honor of Oscar de la Renta

Twitter was buzzing today and it was all about Oscar. I love Oscar de la Renta and I was reminded of my "First Pair". Yes, just like Carrie Bradshaw loved Manolo's I had the Oscar's. The Oscar shoes were a bonus for all my hard work for a former employer/fashion designer. I have to confess, I never wore them outside and eventually felt so guilty keeping such a creation locked up that I sold them to a person who lives in a less rainy climate. I still miss them and even more so today. Thanks for everything you do Mr. Oscar de la Renta.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fashion and Cheese

This week was Seattle Fashion Week. I continued on with my Project Runway theme by attending the Logan Neitzel Homecoming Party and Trunk Show at Sole Repair in Capitol Hill on Tuesday.  If anyone can get me a the black fur vest please let me know, I'm serious. I had to take a picture of this fashionable lady in the vest I loved, and I love that she is wearing COLOR.  Wednesday, I attended the Crave Green/Urban enoteca event. Although the Crave Green event was very successful, the fashion show was so fast, I blinked and almost missed it. Two days off from the gym meant I had to really make up for it on Thursday and Friday, and or course make it out for dinner Friday night. However, all this work led up to what I was most excited about this weekend.  The Seattle Cheese Festival!!!

I'm not kidding, I love cheese. Thankfully so do my friends and so does Seattle. If you have never gone to the cheese festival you are missing out. Don't believe Seattle likes cheese, just google local artisan cheese and be prepared to freak out. A few of my friends did not attend the cheese festival because they are lactose intolerant. I feel really bad for you guys, I have no idea what I would do if I couldn't eat dairy. My friends and I discussed this very thing at Bluebird Ice cream and Tea room as we chased our cheese samples with Ice cream. Yes, that is correct, we ate cheese all morning and then finished it off with ice cream. It was a glorious day.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Locally sourced and organic

So listen up all you Seattle newbies ,if you want to blend in ASAP with the locals,  you gotta learn that people like the food locally sourced and organic. Now it's not that I don't believe in locally sourced and organic, it's just I find I am not the most creative when it comes to cooking for myself. *Seattle Lite moment of truth- I routinely survive on a steady diet of Diet Coke, Bagels, Sour Patch Kids, and Slim Fast.

So thanks to a Groupon moment last summer I had a voucher for a standard box of locally sourced organic produce from "Full Circle Farms".  I had such good intentions but there was so much food and much of it went to waste. Of course, I will be visiting the farmers market and other options for locally sourced organic. Just hide the Jif Peanut butter and Marshmallow fluff when your friends come over.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Tulips

Ok, so it is that time of year again when you realize you missed the Skagit valley Tulip festival. Not to worry my friends. Take the "Seattle Lite" approach and just walk around your neighborhood and look at the rewards of all your neighbors hard work from last fall.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Seattle get your Gunn!

Ok, so the Siver Fox of Fashion Mr. Tim Gunn was not technically in Seattle, it was actually Bellevue but hey I 'll take what I can get. Lucky Brand Jeans, I must confess you have never really gotten my pulse racing or even warranted a second look most of the time. Having said that, I must confess, the Tunic Dress is still in the forefront of my thoughts. Of course, the set falling down moments before the show was mildly amusing and added to the drama of the day. The clothes were good but the GOSSIP was great!!! Tim Gunn, not only are you a master of fashion and style but you can serve up the hot dish gossip like no other. My friends and I left in a blissful haze due to having learned a few things about Heidi, Nina, and Mr. Kors. It was fabulous, the only thing left to do was to return to earth and reground ourselves with the ever stylish Gin Rickey at Smith.