Sunday, August 28, 2011

Football, are you ready Seattle?

One thing about Seattle that has always bummed me out a little is the Football and I don't mean the Team. What I've never felt in Seattle is the fan dedication, you have a few face painters and season ticket holders but overall you just don't seem into the Seahawks.

My first Pro Season in Seattle I was excited to see my new city and second team (the Bears will always be my number one) enjoy a 13-3 season taking them to the Super Bowl for their first appearance in the teams 30 year history. Now maybe it's because I lived through the dark times with the Chicago Bears from 1993-2003, when he who shall not be named (Michael McCaskey) seemed to single handedly suck all of the happiness and joy out of our city and lives. I was happy to be in a city with a winning team, and not only winning but going to the Super Bowl against an 11-5 wild card team. I remember the pre game pep rally and that is when I noticed something was off. The papers reported an great turn out of  between 150-175 fans. Ok, I know I was guilty of to wanting relive the magic of the 1984-1985 Chicago Bears Season, and I'm not saying I need a Seahawks Shuffle, but 175 fans! 

Football teams alone do not win games nor do they make seasons or eras. It's the cities and fans that create the legend and keep it alive. Football is not about just wearing face paint and colored mardi gras beads. Football is about creating a legacy and tradition. I knew that when I watched the Bears in 1984-1985 I was part of a Football renaissance that Chicago had not seen since the Monsters of the Midway. So Seattle I would like to see a little more Football spirit, Sounders fans keep up the good work. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sacsayhuaman/Sexy Woman

One thing I've noticed about Seattle is that everyone I've met loves to travel.  I don't mean travel as in the typical midwest Florida spring break travel,  I mean South America travel.

I was lucky enough to spend a month backpacking around Peru including the Inca Trail. Upon arrival, I immediately discovered Peru is not an all inclusive resort in Mexico. I quickly learned that the spanish I had picked up while watching Sesame Street as a child would not suffice. When I left Peru I felt accomplished, and amazed at my ability to overcome significant sickness and language deficiencies.  What I discovered after moving to Seattle is that pretty much everyone has been to Peru. That's right my amazing journey was the equivalent of a morning coffee run in Seattle.

If you are new to Seattle or have lived here your entire life and have not visited Peru please do so as soon as possible. Having met so many people that have visited Peru in one city I can only hypothesize that it is a requirement for residency. Don't let anyone know you've never been to Peru for fear you will be asked to leave. Please purchase a Lonely Planet, dust off your passport, and book your flight to Peru.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Replica Handbags in Seattle, you're all grown up!

When I first moved to Seattle I considered it to be a big town and not a city. Forgive me, but I'm from Chicago, and it's a little bigger. Now before all the natives get their knickers in knots, I am happy to profess I have since changed my position on the subject. Congratulations Seattle, you have now been upgraded from big town to city.

What pushed Seattle to the next level raising it's status in my eyes? Was it the arts, business, culture, or cuisine, no! Although, Seattle has plenty of noteworthy entries in each category mentioned, it was the one deciding factor that says, hey you've made it to the big time. Yes, you guessed it, Replica Handbags.

What?! Replica Handbags you say, that's right. The fact that Seattle in all it's fleeced glory is now declaring that fashion is not only important, but so important residents are willing to engage in and promote corruption for a knockoff.  Now, I don't want you to feel bad about yourself Seattle. Crime is a part of growing up, and I've seen boutiques in Bellevue brazenly sell knockoffs to the uninformed consumer. It was on the waterfront behind the market, so if you have to tell yourself that only tourists are buying fakes to sleep better at night go ahead.

*special note: I could only take one photo before I was chased away and the man selling the fake luxury bags tried to grab my camera.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Box of Poetry

The Poetry drop box near my house. Yep, a box full of poetry. Who made the box? I have no idea. What happens to the poems left in the box? Again, totally clueless. Do more of these boxes exist around town? I couldn't tell you. In fact those could be empty papers rolled up, nothing more than simple props. I like to think some clever people had something to share.  I won't be contributing to the drop box, no one wants to read my Poe"try" because I'm not a Poet and I know it.