Thursday, March 1, 2012

Living Peeps: Dyeing baby chicks in Doha, Qatar

At first glance the vibrant colored chicks available in Doha, Qatar look like living marshmallow peeps, and then you wonder how and why would anyone dip an animal in dye. Although, many claim the dye is only harmful if ingested and toxic further information was scarce. This practice only brings up questions such as, are we to believe that everyone participating in this practice uses non-toxic dye and carefully monitors the behavior of the animals? Furthermore, what are the long term effects to the children and adults that view these vibrant novelty animals as normal? Will people become further disconnected from our natural areas, and will preserving biodiversity become even less of a priority? Considering the lack of outrage among locals and tourists alike there is a possibility that future generations will hold no regard for animals in their natural state, and therefore have no need for natural areas. Thus wondering if future generations will ultimately prefer to live in a fabricated virtual world.

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