Saturday, June 11, 2011

Love Thy Neighborhood

One of the many things I really like about Seattle is the neighborhoods, and after 6 years I can honestly say I like them all. Sure maybe you wouldn't want to live in them all full time but you have to admit they all have their charm and qualities that make them unique.

Currently, I am all about Greenwood. I love that from 79th St. to 87th St.  along Greenwood Ave.,  you can find; Greek, Indian, Pakistani, Japanese,  Thai, Latino, French,  and Chinese. Of course don't forget the numerous art galleries, various shops, and businesses. However there is one Greenwood fixture/resident that I enjoy above all others. Lamar the lion. 

Lamar Lion resides in the "tiki" room of the Urban Light Studios. Despite his threatening stance and appearance I am sure he is pretty laid back. After all, he likes to hang out by the tiki bar so he can't really be all that uptight. I recommend visiting the Urban Light Studios and all that is Greenwood especially during the monthly greenwood Art Walk. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seattle Men love shopping with their Ladies.

Why do some women have to shop with their men? In Chicago, the men I know stay at home glued to the TV and laptop managing their Fantasy Football team, and in the off season they play golf. I really can not believe he wants to hold your handbag. I tried this activity about a month ago before my ex and I broke up and it was such a drag. We were out and about and I thought great I'll just pop into the shop for a few minutes. There I am trying to look at tunics and caftans and he is walking behind me throughout the store. I was really shocked he came inside the store, I thought he would just sit in the car.  Maybe it is just me but I need my space when I shop, rarely do I ask for opinions, or approval from someone about my style choices.

That is why I could not help but take this photo today. Dragging the non-metrosexual heterosexual male out to the store is cruel and unusual punishment. This picture of Pat Podenski of Seattle, WA, is how every non-metrosexual heterosexual man looks while out shopping with their wife, girlfriend, or really any female for that matter. Note the devotion to the blackberry, the reclined posture that says-well I better get settled in, this is gonna be awhile. I think of it like this, would I want to be forced to walk around some home improvement store or electronics store?! N-O!

Of course some will argue that the guy may be there because he has the wallet as is common practice for Baby Boomers. However, growing up with my parents I routinely saw my stay at home Mom buy the items she wanted while my Dad was at work, and then hide them under the bed for a later date, hence the term "this old thing", when my Dad questioned a new pair of shoes or a dress. You see the ladies of the Baby Boomer generation knew you could not buy the good stuff with the guy there at the store. So again I am left questioning, why?